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漢文翻譯版本 (翻譯者:櫻川 涼子) 2011/10/15


The following is my take on Roger Lin’s positions and engages only myself. I added a few comments on what I think is the prevailing opinion in Japan.


Jerome Besson


下文立論是根據林志昇的主張和我自己的觀點所作的陳述。我亦加進一些我認為是屬日本主流意見的評論。 作者: Jerome Besson



Roger Lin starts with Taiwan, a limbo cession of SFPT, notices that as of April first 1945, Japan had finalized integration of Taiwan under the Meiji Constitution and contends that even though the present “made in occupied Japan” constitution erased Taiwan from the map of Japan, Taiwan remains a possession of the Japanese crown since Shimonoseki 1895.



And the US executive’s gift of a set of photographs, one of which depicts the Imperial Palace, on the occasion of last year’s grand opening of the TCG Washington office at the Four Seasons Hotel, hints at how deeply aware the US executive branch remains of the Formosan Japanese connection with (or latent, residual allegiance to) Japan.



The Japanese crown delegated administration of Taiwan to the government. A debate took place over whether Taiwan should be governed as a colony or as another area of Japan proper. A colonial agency under the Prime Minister, the Governor General Office, was set up for the purpose of developing Taiwan. Granted full fledged incorporation on April 1, 1945, Taiwan became a territory subject to the same administrative guidelines as Japan proper.

日本天皇將皇土台灣的管轄權委託給日本政府。到底台灣應該當被當作殖民地或屬日本國土另一部分來統治因此引起爭論。在日本首相轄下設立的殖民地當局(總督府) 是為台灣的建設發展之目的。1945年4月1日的授予全面性參政權完成主權建構之舉,台灣變成日本領土之一部份與其他部份之國土受完全相同的行政法令制度之管轄。


As such, Taiwan must be regarded as a “sacred, inalienable” territory of Japan. An alien power in position to dictate its conditions does not wield over the “sacred, inalienable” territory of a nation the sway it would over a colonial possession of said nation.

因此, 台灣已經被承認是日本神聖不可分割領土之一部分。一個外來之佔領政權的統治,無法像對擁有殖民地情況一樣可以對既已屬為一國家之神聖不可分割領土之改變。(亦即佔領不得改變已成為他國領土之主權)。

















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