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Public Notice

台灣平民政府 中央委員會為讓台灣人民能夠簡易明瞭本組織之屬性,定名為 『屬美建國派』,意即台灣暫時定位為美國海外領土,之後,在美國軍事政府協助之下,由全體台灣人民自決建立自己的國家。

The Central Administrative Commission of the Taiwan Civil Government, in order to allow the public to more easily understand the nature of this Government's organization, has chosen the motto of "US Nation-Building Group." This motto clearly indicates that Taiwan at present is temporarily an overseas territory under the jurisdiction of the United States Military Government (USMG). In the future, after Taiwan's true international legal status is fully recognized, the Taiwanese people will proceed along the path of nation-building with the help of USMG.

台灣平民政府 中央委員會
Central Administrative Commission, Taiwan Civil Government

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