一場攸關國民黨黨產訴訟案的巨大風暴,正悄悄地在美國聯邦北加州地方法院醞釀中。2011年六月10日,該法院首席法官傑姆士威爾(Chief Judge James Ware) ,以非常罕見的訴訟審理程序,主動下令黃金債券原告台灣民權訴訟組織(TCRLO) ,儘速提出缺席審判要求,並且法院也已排定,將於九月19日進行聽證(Hearing)。威爾法官快刀斬亂麻的速審風格,頓使整個訴訟案進入短兵相接,出手即見分曉的關鍵時刻。原告歡迎台灣及全球各地,對國民黨黨產及黃金債券有獨家見解及寶貴資料者,請將資訊電傳至 taiwanstatus@yahoo.com以供參考。

Taiwan Civil Rights vs. Kuomintang Business Management

In California, U.S. District Judge James Ware has scheduled a hearing on a default by the Kuomintang Business Management Committee. The Clerk of the Court has already filed a default notice against the KMT business group for not responding to a lawsuit, Taiwan Civil Rights Litigation Organization, et al vs. Kuomintang Business Management Committee, over defaulted Chinese gold bonds once worth millions of dollars.

In an unusual move that should make the KMT defendants uneasy, Judge Ware scheduled the hearing before the Plaintiffs even requested it. The long arm of the U.S. courts may soon be extended to reach Taiwan.

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